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About Us

Bare Collection, introduced in late 2003, was created for women who inspire - the Beautiful, Authentic, Refined, and Enigmatic women in our lives. Designed to highlight the subtle, beautiful features of those who don it, Bare is enjoyed by those who recognize that Bare, though simple, is striking.
As with all great works of art, each piece reflects that something special, that intangible quality, that indescribable thing that makes every artist a vital component of the community. Bare artist, Jeet Kaur Rodriguez Sohal, brings her vision of brilliant, authentic, refined, and enigmatic women to every design. Drawing on her Indian, Filipino, Spanish, and American heritage, Jeet creates jewelry that is intricate, beautiful, eye-catching, and yet very simple.
Bare does not overpower, it enhances and complements. Every handmade Bare piece represents 20 years of jewelry making experience and combines traditional metal-smithing techniques with wire-wrapping. Some pieces highlight the semi-precious and precious stones chosen for their color and texture, suspending them from almost invisible 14-karat gold chains or hand-forged 14-karat gold frames. Playing with light and texture, other pieces focus on the beauty of the 14-karat gold itself.
Although Bare has found a home in several fashion-forward boutiques, much of Bare's business lies in one-of-a kind commissions from clients in Los Angeles, New York, and Europe. Since Bare's launch, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Lucky, In Style, WWD, and Marie Claire are a few of the magazines that have recognized the unique niche that Bare fills. In addition, Bare has graced the ears & necks of celebrities & fashion luminaries such as Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce Knowles, and Liv Tyler.
Bare bags, launched in 2005 has garnered a similar following as Bare jewelry through it's understated luxury. Clients from Eva Mendes to Jewel and Courtney Cox have appreciated the style, grace, and functionality of their Bare bags.
BARE and our planet
We buy sparingly.
We reuse prodigiously. 
We recycle.
We manufacture locally.
We try our best and then some.
Jewelry is a luxury, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try our best to make it planet friendly. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve used recycled gold in at least 80% of our jewelry. The industry has since caught up with us and BARE is proud to use EcoGold in creation of bare’s distinctive jewelry. EcoGold does not harm communities, workers and the environment.
EcoGold is recycled from the Earth’s existing metal supply in an environmentally friendly refinery. “New” gold is purchased from other environmental friendly refineries & mines that follow these guidelines:
  • Appreciation of basic human rights outlined in international conventions & law.
  • Free, prior & informed consent of communities affected by mining operations.
  • Provide safe working conditions, respect for workers rights and labor standards.
  • Keep operations out of areas of armed or militarized conflict, protected areas, fragile ecosystems or other areas of high conservation value.
  • Do not force communities off their land, dump mine waste into water or generate sulfuric acid.
  • Disclose information about social and environmental effects of projects.
Join bare in helping preserve our planet’s future by supporting products made with EcoGold!
Bare Collection jewelry, bones, and bags are designed and produced in sunny Southern California. We like to keep things local and support leather craftsmen and jewelers.
Everything shipped from our studio passes several layers of quality control. Rest assured that the item you are receiving conveys the aesthetic we strive towards.
To that end, the imperfections and gentle shadings of Bare Collection jewelry & bags should not be regarded as defects. They are characteristic of the handmade nature that gives Bare Collection jewelry & bags its distinctive beauty and dramatic texture.
Please remember that Bare Collection pieces are delicate miniature pieces of art that should be handled with care & stored properly.