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All Bare Collection pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. The imperfections and gentle shadings of our jewelry and bags should not be regarded as defects. They are characteristics of the handmade nature that gives Bare Collection products their distinctive beauty and dramatic texture - each one is unique.  Please treat your jewelry with love and care.


Jewelry that looks delicate, is delicate.  While jewelry should be worn and enjoyed, please do it with care.  Tugging on jewelry is not recommended.  Loosen buildup with an extra soft brush and a non-detergent soap.  Remove tarnish & buff to a polish with enclosed polishing cloth.  If you would like to restore your jewelry beyond what a polishing cloth can accomplish, please consult your local jeweler as many offer polishing services.


To keep the polish and prevent tarnishing:
- Rub olive oil into the metal in a circular motion with a soft cloth after cleaning.
- Keep your hands off the metal. Handle with a soft dry cloth whenever possible, and store in your plastic bag with the provided anti-tarnish paper tab.
The following remedies will help to remove tarnish from your Bare Bones items:
- Dip a lemon wedge into a plate of table salt and rub onto the piece to remove tarnish and leave a clean but unpolished look to the metal. Be sure to rinse with water.
- Make a paste by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar (or lemon juice) with 3 tbsp. of flour and 3 tbsp. of salt. Put the paste on the metal, rub it in and let it dry. Rinse off with cold water and polish it with a soft, dry cloth.
*Do not excessively polish plated or coated items, such as the rose alloy, as it may remove plating or coating. BARE is not responsible for removal of any plating or coating due to normal wear of the item. All items can be re- coated or plated for a nominal fee.
Repairs are free for Bare Collection jewelry (made of precious metals) within 3 years of purchase date and damaged during normal use (does not include improper storage, packing, loss, etc). Please contact us at service[at] for additional information and/or quotes on repairs. Shipping costs to and from our LA studio are the responsibility of our clients.